1) The church refused to approve the king's second marriage.
2) Tensions escalate between Trump, Clinton
3) When children enter a new school, they must adapt to the new surrondings, the new teacher and the new rules.
4) The fuel tank has a capacity of 40 litres.
5) To my relief, they spoke English.
6) The brochure tries to give a fair and accurate description of each hotel.
7) The KGB man followed her everywhere
8) The government is keen for peace talks to start again.
9) My headmaster was a real tyrant.
10) You can see the original text of Hamlet in the museum in Shakespeare's own writing.
11) The court found him innocent and he was released.
12) You should avoid taking actions that could provoke polarity within the society.
13) ُShe was a powerful advocate of children's rights
14) I defense the people as a lawyer in court.
15) A combination of Eastern and Western philosophical ideas
16) I didn't notice any smoke.
17) Occasionally Alice would look up from her books.
18) 'No,' Frank said in a tired voice.
19) An attempt to revive the steel industry
20) The team made an enormous effort.

آدرس ایمیل خود را وارد کنید تا نتیجه آزمون را در ایمیل نیز دریافت نمایید

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