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1. The judge ------ the criminal to five years in prison.
2. ----------- men and women crossed America in covered wagons.
3. The --------- in the population has created a fuel shortage.
4. Girls often look nicer when they don’t use so many ------.
5. The cat slowly ------- down the tree.
6. The three ------ were all competing for the same job.
7. He ------ a folding toothbrush for travelers.
8. Their mother gave the children ------ to go outside and play.
9. Luxurious furnishings ------ed to the wealth of the owner.
10. We all became tired of listening to him ------ about himself all day.
11. Tabriz reached its ------ during the rule of Ilkhanid and Qajar dynasties.
12. He -------ed the map and laid it out on the table.
13. The ------ glassware was carefully packed into boxes.
14. At the -------- of the race, the spectators cheered for the winner.
15. Police used tear gas to ------ the crowd.
16. We’ve always considered my Uncle Max the ------ of the family.
17. There is a new ------- for public art in this country.
18. The theft of the paintings is an ------- to the investigators.
19. Make sure that your answers are as clear and ------- as possible.
20. The country’s highest medal was ------- upon him for heroism.

لطفا آدرس ایمیل خود را بنویسید تا جزییات آزمون و جواب ها برای شما ارسال شود

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